About me Copyright of SapphireBall Although i have only been working as a medium for the last five years, as i revisited my youth, many aspects of mediumistic abilties where obvious. I would constantly ask what? I would hear talking and ask the person next to me what they said. They quite frequently replied, “i never spoke”! I would ask my mum up to five times a day, what she wanted, as i thought i heard her shouting me. She nearly always said “i never shouted anything”. People constantly told me that speaking to myself was the first sign of madness. If i had a ten pound note for every time someone passed this comment, i would be rich! Who was i really talking too? When i received my first spirit message it was as crystal clear. This will probably sound crazy to most people, however it is 100% true. I was playing Bingo in my local hall, the lady that sat opposite me on most of my visits was named Joan. I only  knew her to say Hi too and as i was a regular, she sometimes kept my table for me. One night, as i was playing bingo, a lady began to sing in my head. She sang “Knees up Mother Brown” in my head, as clear as day. At first i thought it was me somehow, I thought i was losing the plot. After her singing the song, the voice started to speak. Tell Joan that i am Flo and Marg is with me too. I laughed and ignored it. Was i going mad? Again she sang and again she repeated the message. All this was going on independantly of my own mind, as i was concentrating on marking my bingo cards. After about the fifth rendition and remebering the film ghost, i decided i was not taking this lady home with me and to pass on the message. Feeling a total fool, i told Joan that i sometimes got messages from Spirit and i had one for her. To my utter amazement she told me the following. She said that she worked in an old folks home and i had only lost two old ladies. One was called Flo and one was called Marg. I was flabberghasted! Still thinking it was a fluke i went home and tried to figure out what had just happened. I put it down to a one off and continued life as usual. About three weeks later, i was again in the bingo, sitting opposite Joan, when the voice started singing again. This time, i was with my mother and sister and i thought, there is no way i am going to pass on a message. They would think i was crazy! I told the voice, i am sorry but there is no way i am doing it tonight, i will tell her next time i am there. The voice then ceased thank goodness. When i next saw Joan, i told her that the lady had come back. I could not tell her at the time, as i was with company. She told me they had just lost another tenant at the home and she wondered if this was why. I said i would ask spirit for name and let her know. After making them repeat the name at least ten times to be sure it wasnt me. I told Joan that spirit were telling me to say “Charlie”. Who was more shocked when she replied, i am not too sure! Yes that was the name of the latest person to cross over. It turns out the day she was singing to me was the day of his funeral. Perhaps she was letting Joan know that Charlie had got there safely! I decided that i could either ignore these happenings or go forward and develop as a Psychic. It took many more of these messages being given and confirmed before i would accept that i did have a gift of connecting to spirit. To this day, every message i give is still awe-inspiring. Every connection i make is incredibly rewarding. I cannot thank spirit enough and never forget to, after every sitting. It is a pleasure to work with them!